Refreshing summer wine from Sardinia

Refreshing summer wine from Sardinia

Writing in The Observer, David Williams reviewed wines to enjoy in the sunshine.

It’s still summer, still a time for wines whose primary talent is to refresh, enliven and quench thirst, even if, ideally, they also offer a little bit more. Wines such as those made from the increasingly popular vermentino grape – a variety can do all those things. Originally from the Mediterranean, it’s always had the ability, precious in this part of the world (and in places where it’s been transplanted, most notably Australia) to retain acidity in the heat, a cooling charge that makes for wines suggestive of a morning breeze coming off the Med itself. But for a vibrant, beautiful expression of vermentino’s charm, I’m heading for another of Italy’s islands, Sardinia, and Poderi Parpinello Vermentino Sessantaquattro 2018, with its subtle jasmine and tingling, lingering lime.

Posted on 09-Aug-2020 Press