Bor Forrás 2019


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Bor Forrás is a unique Hungarian red produced from late harvest Blaufränkisch grapes full of natural grape sugars. Easy drinking, light and fresh with summer fruit flavours of cherries, strawberries and raspberries, it can be served chilled and is known as a red wine for white wine drinkers.

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Sold by the case of 3 bottles
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Hajos Baja is in southern Hungary, centred around the towns of Hajos and Baja. It lies on the eastern side of the Danube River, just across from the better-known Szekszard wine region. For centuries Baja was a key trading centre of southern Hungary, and in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, grain and wine from the plains was shipped up the Danube to Austria and Germany.

The continental climate, with hot dry summers and cold bitter winters has a significant impact on a grape's ripening pattern; the heat of the day promotes sugar accumulation while the cooler night-time temperatures preserve acidity levels.

Blaufränkisch is a direct relative of Pinot Noir and Gamay and was first documented in the 18th century in Austria. It needs a warm environment to fully mature, hence the ideal location of the Pannonian plain. This unique wine Is produced from late harvested Blaufränkisch grapes full of natural grape sugars which undergo only a short maceration period resulting in a soft red with very low tannins. These two aspects of wine production combine to produce a hugely popular wine which is easy drinking and fruity.

Data sheet
Vintage 2019
Alcoholic strength 10%
Country Hungary
Region Hajos-Baja
Grapes Blaufränkisch

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