Chateau Oumsiyat Obeidy 2018


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Made from Obeidy, an indigenous Lebanese white variety, this aromatic wine has exotic fruit and mineral flavours through to a lovely, whistle clean finish.

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The vines are planted at an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level, where the warm days are tempered by cooler nights. The summer diurnal temperature difference is 20°C, which encourages an extended ripening period, concentrating the flavours and aromatic complexity in the berries, while retaining balancing acidity from the cool nights. The soil is calcareous clay which is a cool soil that has good water retention properties to nourish the vines during the hot, dry summers. Due to its pH, calcareous clay soils tend to produce refreshing wines, which encourages further balance to the ripeness of fruit. The vines are cane pruned and are planted at a density of 4,000 vines per hectare. The vineyard is cultivated with respect for the environment and the grapes are hand-harvested at optimal maturity.

Obeidy is an indigenous Lebanese variety which has very likely been grown since Phoenician times. It thrives in this terroir and was previously used in the production of Arak, but is now coming into its own as a varietal white wine.

Fourth generation winemakers the Bou Sleiman family specialise in vines grown on Mount Lebanon. The vineyards benefit from their elevated position overlooking the Mediterranean coast. The height of the vineyard and the cool salty onshore breezes help to add freshness and acidity to the rich, spicy and exotic Obeidy.

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RRP £10.75
Vintage 2018
Alcoholic strength 12.5%
Grapes Obeidy 92%, Sauvignon Blanc 4%, Viognier 4%
Dry/Sweet value 1
Vegetarian Yes
Vegan Yes
Milk No
Eggs No
Organic No
Biodynamic No
Château Oumsiyat

Passion and heritage has been passed down through the Bou Sleiman family for four generations. When Joseph Bou Sleiman took over the reins at Château Oumsiyat, he blended respect for local tradition with modern techniques to craft contemporary wines. A passionate vine grower, Joseph also built a modern winery in the village of Mtein, where he creates wines that are a fusion of Old World and New World. The grapes are grown in the 78 hectare vineyard, situated at over 1,000 metres elevation in the beautiful Bekaa Valley, between Mount Lebanon to the west and the Anti-Lebanon Mountains to the east. The altitude, micro climate and soils combine in this ancient terroir to produce fresh wines with a very Mediterranean “feel.”