Tbilvino Qvevris Rkasiteli 2019/20


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This wine has rich apricot flavours, alongside notes of beeswax and walnuts. The finish combines a lively acidity with a subtle tannic grip, making it the perfect accompaniment to food.

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Winery: Tbilvino

Sold by the case of 6 bottles
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The grapes come from eighteen-year-old vineyards in Kakheti, planted on alluvial soils. The grapes were harvested by hand.

After pressing, the juice, skin and pips are put into the qvevris, which are then hermetically sealed and buried underground, where fermentation takes place. The vessels’ conical shape allows yeast and sediment to settle to the bottom and the wine to circulate around the vessel. When buried underground, qvevri maintain a constant temperature, much like a modern temperature-controlled tank. After approximately five months the qvevris are dug up and the wine is racked off and bottled.

Data sheet
Vintage 2019/20
Alcoholic strength 12.0%
Country Georgia
Region Kakheti
Dry/Sweet value 1
Vegetarian Yes
Vegan Yes
Organic No
Biodynamic No
Closure Diam

Tbilvino was established nearly sixty years ago, and over this period they have become one of Georgia’s leading producers. Almost dormant at the end of the Soviet era, the winery was acquired by the enterprising Margvelashvili brothers, who set about restoring the facilities, and moving the focus from volume to quality. In the last decade they have made considerable investments, beginning in 2008 with the refurbishment of their original winery in the capital city, Tbilisi. This was followed in 2012 by the construction of a second winery in Kvareli, close to Russia’s southern border, where they produce their qvevri wines. Taking full advantage of the technology at their disposal, they favour a clean, bright style, whilst still employing the traditional production methods and indigenous grape varieties that make Georgian wines so unique.

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